Clinical Studies

AsthmaMBR icon - clinical studies - inhaler

Patients suffering from Asthma have airways which narrow, swell, or produce excessive mucus.

COVIDMBR icon - clinical studies - corona virus

MBR is proud to have been selected for two important COVID-19 treatment trials.

COPDMBR icon - clinical studies - lung

COPD is caused by long term exposure to gases, particulates, but most often cigarette smoking.

DiabetesMBR icon - clinical studies - diabetes

Patients suffering from Diabetes have excess sugar in their blood causing various health problems.

Heart failureMBR icon - clinical studies - inhaler

This is a condition where a Patient’s heart is unable to pump adequate blood to meet the body’s needs.

Influenza (Flu)MBR icon - clinical studies - influenza

Flu or influenza is caused by a viral infection of the lungs.