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Monroe Biomedical Research (MBR) is a 6,300 sqft dedicated clinical research facility, located in Monroe, NC.

The site is equipped for performing complex outpatient or inpatient clinical trials requiring infectious disease isolation, onsite IP preparation, or consecutive overnight stays with 24-to-48-hour safety monitoring.

6,300 sqft of Dedicated Clinical Trial Space


MBR’s study team has extensive clinical research experience, ranging from Phase I trials requiring consecutive overnight visits to high volume bioequivalence studies.

MBR is one of the highest enrolling research centers in the country and works with a highly diverse study patient population.

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Study Database

Breakdown by Indication

MBR sponsors - Study database - infographic

Prescreened Patients

MBR pre-screens all potential research participants prior to a study screening visit to ensure:

The lowest possible screen failure rate

Rapid enrollment following the opening of a study


Since 2014, MBR has built an expansive clinical research database with a population:

That is ethnically diverse (~60% African American)

Qualify for a diverse array of clinical studies

Diversity is our Research Priority

MBR’s study team is excited to share that the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) has published our site’s peer reviewed article on diversity in clinical trials.

The article explores adaptable site level strategies for improving ethnically diverse enrollment in clinical research and offers recommendations to sponsors on how to promote diversity in trial enrollment more broadly.

Check it out

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Regulatory Compliance and Commitment to GCP

MBR has a strong and tested record of regulatory and GCP compliance.

MBR has had multiple Sponsor Audits due to high patient enrollment and passed these inspections without findings.

MBR has passed two FDA audits (one in 2018 and another in 2022) without any findings and no 483s were issued. The results of these audits demonstrate MBR’s uncompromising record of patient safety and Regulatory/GCP compliance.

Institutional Review Board

MBR will work with the central IRB of Sponsor’s choice.

With a maximum turn-around time of 2 weeks, MBR can process the CTA and IRB submission simultaneously.
MBR has worked with a wide array of IRBs.