Diverse Patient Population

Minority enrollment has been a major challenge in COVID vaccine and treatment studies. MBR has strong ties to the African American and Hispanic communities in our area and has built an exceedingly diverse prescreened patient population.

Experienced Study Team

The MBR team has extensive COVID treatment study and vaccine trial experience. Our Principal Investigator, Dr. Igbinadolor, was one of the highest performing Investigators on both Eli Lilly’s and Novartis’ groundbreaking mAB treatment trials. She was invited to be a signatory on these studies publications in 2021.

Our Sub-Investigator, Dr. Gregory Feldman was one of the highest enrolling Principal Investigators in the world on the Moderna’s COVID Vaccine trial.

Fully Equipped Facility

MBR has dedicated a wing of its facility to the treatment of COVID positive patients. The wing is completely isolated from the rest of the facility and operates with the highest safety standards recommended by the CDC.

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