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Protecting those most at risk from a COVID Infection

The SuperNova Study is researching an investigational medication for protecting people with weaker immune systems from getting seriously ill from COVID-19.

If you are 18 years or older and have a weakened immune system you could qualify for this clinical research study.

Receive up to $1,294 for your time and study participation.


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Study related medical oversight

  • 24-hour access to MBR’s doctors/medical staff.
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Free of charge

  • Insurance is NOT required to participate.
  • Investigational medication, study related testing, and medical care will be provided at no cost!
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receive up to $1,294 For study related time & travel

  • Those who qualify and choose to participate may receive up to $1,294 for study related time and travel.
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“It is through research like this that we stay ahead of the variants and protect those most vulnerable to COVID-19.”


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The first step is to learn more and see if you qualify. After registering, a clinical research coordinator will contact you and answer your questions

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Call or text +1 704 283 7359


If you choose
to take part

Either get AZD3152 or Evusheld drugs which are effective against of COVID-19

2 doses of injections

6 months apart


Let’s follow up
and monitor

10 visits during 15 months

Weekly touch (via phone, e-mail)

Additional visits if you catch coronavirus during the trial or experience anything unusual in your health


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FLU clinical study illustration

Neutralizing monoclonal antibodies

The SUPERNOVA trial is finding out if a new drug, called AZD3152, can help protect people with a weakened immune system from catching different variants of coronavirus. To do this, we’re comparing it with Evusheld, an AstraZeneca drug that works against the original COVID-19 causing virus.

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Monroe Biomedical Research
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Office Phone: 704-283-7369
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Email: patients@monroeresearch.com


Frequently Asked Questions

Which medical condition people can join?
  • We are looking for participants with weakened immune system. It includes people with improper immune response, who have certain medical treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer, have had an organ or stem cell transplant, or are taking medicines to control the immune system. Infections like HIV is banned from the trial.
How long does the trial last?
  • The trial will last roughly 15 months and you’ll have around 12 appointments. During the period you either get AZD3152 or Evusheld drugs which are effective against COVID-19, two doses of injections 6 months apart. You’ll have 10 visits but we’ll monitor your health weekly during the trial.
What does it mean to have a weakened immune system?
  • Having a weakend immune system refers to a condition where the body’s natural defense system is compromised and unable to function optimally. People with a weakened immune system may experience frequent or severe infections that might not respond well to standard treatments. They may also have difficulty in recovering from illnesses that others with a healthy immune system would easily overcome. It’s a must for individuals with a weakened immune system to take extra precautions to avoid exposure to infections and follow their healthcare provider’s recommendations.
Can I take part of the study if I already COVID-19?
  • 100% sure, as long as you have not had a COVID-19 vaccine within 3 months before starting the trial.
What does monoclonal antibody mean?
  • Monoclonal antibodies help the immune system to recognize and neutralize the antigens, playing a critical role in defending the body against infections.The given drugs are blocking coronavirus spike protein from interacting with your cells, which in turn can prevent the virus from entering and infecting healthy cells inside your body.
What if I am uninsured?
  • Proof of insurance is NOT required to participate in this study. All medical oversight over the course of your study participation is included.
What does investigational medication mean?
  • An Investigational medication (also known as investigational new drug) has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for testing in people in a clinical study, but has not been approved for general use, distribution or sale. It is through clinical research that these medications receive full approval by the FDA.
How will I be compensated for participating?
  • Participants receive a check following each study visit. For this study, those that qualify and choose to participate could receive a total payment of up to $1,294.
How much will the study cost?
  • There will be zero costs for the study participant to take part in the COVID-19 prevention study.